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Pooler/D : A marketplace which opens world's treasure to India

Pooler/D : A marketplace which opens world's treasure to India

Connecting the Dots of Diversity, One Exchange at a Time.

In a world that thrives on interconnection, diversity, and the constant exchange of ideas, Pooler/d brings Solutions to the International shopping experience for Shoppers from India. 

We worked it out anyhow!

  • When you Shop with Pooler/d, you experience never before Shipping time and return/refund of 15 days.

  • When it comes to Custom duty, we waived it off and made items available with zero custom fee.
  • With 24x7 Amazing Customer

International shopping was always hectic, But not anymore.  

       From streets and corners of the world. We bring items from original brands with authenticity.

Navigating the Pooler/d Experience:

       As you dive into the Pooler/d experience, you'll find a user-friendly interface that seamlessly connects you with a world of treasures. Whether you're on the lookout for a unique gift, a piece of cultural heritage, or the latest innovations, this marketplace has something for everyone. The filters and search options make exploration a joy, encouraging you to discover hidden gems that align with your interests.  


Pooler/d is more than a marketplace; it's a testament to the beauty of diversity, the power of connection, and the shared treasure that is our world. So, whether you're a seller looking to showcase your craft or a buyer eager to explore the global bazaar, Pooler/d beckons you to join the journey of discovery. As you browse through its virtual aisles, remember, that you're not just shopping; you're partaking in a celebration of the world's collective treasure.



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