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Amazonite Amulet : Stone which improve health, and relieve stress

Amazonite Amulet : Stone which improve health, and relieve stress

Amazonite Amulet

Green to blue-green microcline feldspar, named after the Amazon River.


Pooler/d amazonite stone

Aesthetic Charm:

  • Vibrant colours, ranging from pale green to turquoise, with a silky lustre.

Metaphysical Significance:

  • - Promotes empowerment, courage, and internal balance.
  • - Enhances communication, encouraging truth and constructive dialogue.

Spiritual Connection:

  • Associated with heart and throat chakras, aiding in spiritual growth.
  • Amplifies intuition and aids in meditation practices.

Historical Significance:

  • Used by ancient Egyptians for jewellery and amulets.
  • Linked to Amazonian warriors, symbolizing strength and bravery.

Healing Properties:

  • Believed to benefit the nervous system, alleviating stress.
  • Promotes overall well-being and physical health.

Jewellery Appeal:

  • Popular in jewellery, crafted into beads, cabochons, and ornamental pieces.
  • Worn for both aesthetic allure and spiritual significance.

Care and Maintenance:

  • Relatively durable, but handle with care to avoid scratches.
  • Clean with a soft cloth and mild soap, avoiding harsh chemicals.

Timeless Attraction:

  • - Continues to be cherished for its beauty and mystical qualities.
  • - A favourite gemstone for those seeking both adornment and spiritual connection.
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